Smoke and Fire Damage

Your Colorado Springs Smoke and Fire Damage Experts

Fires happen

Even staying up-to-date on all fire safety regulations, the possibility of a devastating fire is always present. In the event of a fire or smoke damage, Dynamic Renovation Contractors understands that time is money. Our experienced team will get to work helping you through the claims process as well as restoring your property quickly to minimize the financial impact on your business. We can handle every stage of the process with urgency and professionalism. Every fire is unique and requires a tailored plan to efficiently restore your property to a pre-loss state. Some of the steps we use to streamline the process are:

  • Secure property to prevent any more potential damage
  • Ventilate any harmful agents to ensure our team’s safety throughout the restoration process
  • Remove all property from the premises keeping track of salvageable items
  • Deep cleaning of all areas of interior
  • Cleaning of furniture and carpets that are often most affected by smoke damage
  • Deodorization and sanitation of salvageable property
  • HVAC decontamination

Smoke damage is different from fire damage repair. Smoke covers objects and interiors in soot and odor that can hide within walls, ceilings, and floors. Dynamic Renovation Contractors are certified professionals that ensure a thorough inspection, extraction, and cleanup that includes deodorization of the area. For any fire or smoke damage in you Colorado Springs business, call us today.


Fires can be devastating to both the interior and exterior of your business. While most of our competitors can only handle basic cleanup, Dynamic Renovation Contractors has the experience to handle the reconstruction as well. Our team is capable of restoring virtually any property back to business-ready conditions. Working with your insurance company is part of what separates Dynamic Renovation Contractors from the rest of the pack. We want to ensure the smoothest process imaginable to end the hardships of a fire halting your work and get your business back on track.

Full-Service Restoration

Along with the destruction fire causes, putting the fire out also creates its own set of issues. Dynamic Renovation Contractors are your Colorado Springs full-service restoration company, and that means we don’t stop until the job is done. Firefighters make sure they put the fire out before the damage is too great, but their methods can require some cleanup of their own. Dynamic Renovation Contractors are happy to be there to fill that role. We make sure to assess the property for any water damage from firefighting efforts or mold build-up that can cause lasting issues down the road. Once the fire and smoke damage is gone, trust us to get your business back to new.